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writing articles to spread awareness

As a team we strive to educate and inspire the community through written mediums in many different environmental and sustainability topics like innovation, environmental sciences and eco-lifestyle. Under publication, we work on the informational and engaging posts that can be seen on our Instagram page to inspire creativity and environmental advocacy.

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Are you interested in writing, designing, or researching? Tino Eco is looking for talented individuals to write or design a blog. For more information visit: Publication Guidelines.

Adopt a Park

encourage more native species & recreation

AaP is an initiative that Tino Eco, as an organization, has taken on to support our local environment! We have essentially "adopted" Rainbow Park in San Jose to take care of and facilitate the environment. The City of San Jose is generously giving us tools and materials needed to upkeep the park, and we have more installation projects coming soon to make sure Rainbow Park prospers!

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hearing from community members

Tino Eco has started the podcast initiative with a goal to create and share a stronger connection with our community while giving a voice to local organizations, environmental activists, specialists, local officials, and many more.